Seven space saving tips for a Small Home

by admin | Last Updated: June 14, 2021

In a small home, life can be more charming if there is adequate space.  Following are seven space-saving tips:

1. Keep the rooms clutter-free

Clutter-free rooms can beckon you to a new life! To achieve this, make sure that the rooms are stacked only with requisite materials, whether it be show-pieces or kitchen utensils.

Clutter occurs when there are too many things around, of which most are under-utilized or never-utilized. The utility of an object always decides the place of it. The application of this theory will help you discern the place for an object in your home.

While objects that are utilized most find their place in the shelves which are at your reach, items which are put into service on  a lesser scale can be kept in the upper shelves. This means that a huge percentage of your belongings will be cleared off from the eye-sight.

Also, you may find items like containers, covers etc which have not been touched for ages! They can be given away to the rag-pickers and valuable space can be saved.

2. Furniture? Think small, slim, multipurpose

Slim rockers, open-back chairs and love seat sofas can change the way your drawing room looks. Also, they can save space.

Furniture which is taller can be arranged opposite to the entrance of the room.  If the colour of the wall matches the colour of the furniture, it is ideal for a spacious feel.

Multipurpose furniture like ottomans can be extremely helpful in small spaces. Ottomans are used as tables and as foot rests.  They have mobility.  Futons and sofa beds have dual purposes. You can sit on them or sleep on them.  Folding tables or folding sofas can be used as dining equipments.  A small dresser or chest, kept in the bed room can be ideal for keeping jewellery, books or other valuables.

3. Colour it light

Neutral white colour for the walls and dark colours for the furniture and accessories can boost the sense of space and induce a dramatic effect.  Dark colours for the walls can minimize the expanse despite the truth being different. 

The over-all effect of the room will be mind- blowing if the upholsteries are of the varying  colour tones of the same colour. To enhance this, utilise a combination of cream and white on the walls.    

Generally, light colours enhance the sense of space.

4. Light it up

Natural lighting is best and inexpensive. Artificial lighting is a profusion of options. Now, which one will you choose? Both?

Yes, a balance of both genre of lighting can enhance the look and feel of your dwelling. Natural light, as always come through the windows.  Large frame mirrors on a  wall can enhance the space by reflection.

Recessed lighting adds to spaciousness. Accent and fluorescent lighting  can create an ambience of tranquility.

5. Light ’ n’ plain

Upholstery should be plain in color.  Avoid using dark colours, bold plaids, and stripes for they can be ‘space-consuming’. 

Floral vines or simple stripes enhance the beauty of the fabrics. 

6. Keep it large

Large drawers and cabinets are advisable. While storing articles in them, apply the ‘theory of utility’, which provides for adequate space for things based on their utility. The cots can have large drawers. Wheeled drawers under the cot can be pulled out as well as pushed under and can have enormous storage capacity. Clothes can always have separate cabinets. Open shelves which are recessed and which sports decorative pieces can be a good option to save space.

7. Ride on rods

To hang clothes and beddings, use rods. They can save the wardrobe space for you.